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The original Cortland tree was planted in 1971 & has been artfully grafted with 108 different apple varieties to date! 

Note: Our specail tree is starting to show its age and with minimal pruning (how do you prune a tree with 108 varities on it?) it seems to be losing a variety or two over the last few years.  However, it will continue to be a great testament to the wonderful art and skill of grafting!


Ambition Hudsons Golden Gem Red Jonagold
Arkansas Black Ida Red Red June
Ashmend’s Kernel Irish Peach Red Melba
Baldwin Isaac Newton/MIT/Kent Redcort
Bishop Jewett Red Rogers Mac
Black Gilliflower Jonagold Rome
Blue Pearmain Jonamac Roxbury Russet
Bramley’s Seedling Jonathon R.I.Greening
Buczala Keep Sake Shamrock
Canada Reinette King Shinsei
Chenago Strawberry Lady Snow
Cortland Lake Land Spartan
Cox Orange Pippin Larkspur Rome Spencer
Criterion Laxton Superb Spendor
Davey Lodi Spygold
Dayton Lowland Raspberry Stayman
Dudley Lyman’s Large Summer Summerland Red Mac
Dutchess Mac Dwarf Swiss Gourmet
Early Harvest Macoun Twenty Ounce
Early McIntosh Maiden's Blush Tydman's Early
Edward VII McIntosh Viking
Empire Milton Vista Bella
Esopus-Spitzenburg Mollies Delicious Wagner
Fiesta Mutzu/Crispin Washington Strawberry
Fireside Newtown Pippin Wealthy
Gala Northern Spy Westfield-seek-no-Further
Gingergold Nova Easy Grow White Winter Pearmain
Gloria Mundi Opalescent Whitney Crab
Golden Delicious Paula Red Williams Pride
Golden Russet Peck’s Pleasant Winesap
Goof Pink Sugar Winter Banana
Granny Smith Porter Wolf River
Grimes Golden Puritan Yates
Haralson Rambo Yellow Transparent
Hibernal Red Delicious York Imperial
Honeycrisp Red Gravenstein Zabargau Reinette


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